About Grouper

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Thank you for visiting our website. Grouper is the system development company in Gotanda.
Developing an IT system in business, it is indispensable to go with the current tide flexibly and rapidly in fast-moving society and economy. We think that constantly getting new ideas is very important to ride this tide. Even if functions are same, there are various choices to develop a new system from the viewpoint of cost benefit. It is necessary to select the best solution from various combinations such as
<Fast Development>: to customize existing applications represented by Open Source Application, <Flexible Development>: to make use of Virtualization or Cloud Computing.
Moreover, we value the close relationship with you to get over difficult situations. We are building systems, showing their prototypes on our Picture Story Show to enable you to see system actions.
We are looking forward to your contacting us and we hope we can have the long partnership.
Yoshimitsu Sawai
Representative Director